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V24 Works is a veteran- and minority-owned employment agency directed by Damian Pondal, CEO, and Sidonia Nicolae, President.

V24 WORKS was formerly called Ventures USA. V24 is in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our company was born out of our desire to help the community by providing employment opportunities. Over the years, it has grown and diversified to reflect our keen interest in delivering excellent staffing solutions. Under the leadership of Damian Pondal, and Sidonia Nicolae, we help job seekers secure jobs and get paid for the value they provide. The company continues to grow by providing additional services to client companies to meet their ever-changing growth demands. We owe our success to all our hard-working staff, candidates, and trusted clients, we hope YOU will want to be a part of our success story.

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Not Assesing Risk is Risky Business

There are hidden risks around every corner of your business. The amount of liabilities can swiftly add up from keeping workers safe, treating them correctly, and complying with rules and regulations. Not dealing with these risks can lead to devastating consequences including expensive lawsuits, high employee turnover, tarnishing of your brand, fines and penalties, and potentially more. Stop worrying about risks. V24 Works and its partners will help identify potential hazards and administer strategies that drive results.

Claims Management

When an accident occurs, we immediately get involved assuring that the injured employee receives the care and attention they need.

Return To Work

Our trained experts can get the injured employees back to work quickly to minimize lost productivity and reduce the cost of the claim.

Loss Control

Our loss control personnel not only manages the cost of the claims but reviews claim history to help identify any potential or repetitive hazards

Safety Review

Our industry experts may perform on sight safety reviews to help identify and mitigate any potential risks before an injury occurs.

Client Representation

We understand that your business can't stop operating when a claim occurs. We can provide you with the necessary representation to manage the obligations associated with work related injuries.


Accident Prevention Support

Your employees are the greatest asset to your business, but could also be your greatest risk.  As a responsible employer, it’s your duty to protect your employees.  With the guidance from our experts, we’ll help customize a safety program that can be implemented into your day to day operations to reduce work accidents.

  • Here’s how we can help prevent workplace accidents:
  • On-Site Workplace Consultations
  • OSHA Compliance Guidelines
  • Employee Training Templates to Help Reduce Accidents
  • Safety Management Program
  • Representation in the Event of a Claim

Unmatched Claims Management

We are always available to help manage any claims.  When it comes to claims, time is money, and that’s why we work super hard to move as quickly as possible.  We’ll manage every facet of the claims process including ensuring care for the injured employee and the reporting of the claim.

Claims Management you can depend on includes:

  • 24/7 Claims Reporting
  • Return to Work Programs
  • Loss Control Survey to Identify Potential Risks
  • Responsive Access to Medical and Prescription Resources
  • Expertise and Guidance to Reduce Risk and Maintain Compliance