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ATX model

Streamlined Excellence: Our approach is straightforward and effective. With a dedicated team and cutting-edge technology, we prioritize delivering tangible results.

Access a pool of skilled candidates, benefit from transparent and clear terms, and receive services tailored to your budget. Let V24 empower your organization's growth.

Navigating the complexities of today's job market can be overwhelming. Staffing agencies often add confusion and frustration to the process.

At V24 Staffing, transparency is our commitment. We genuinely listen to your needs, providing clear terms and valuable insights into the labor market. Your success is our priority.

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Elevating Recruitment: The ATX Advantage

Transforming the Hiring Landscape with a Powerful Fusion of Technology and Human Insight


Unlock the power of the Applicant Tracking Human – a revolutionary blend of technology and human insight.

Power of Human Connections

Explore the difference – our ATXs connect on a personal level, understanding candidates beyond their resumes.

Harmony in Action

Discover how ATXs collaborate seamlessly with ATS, focusing on motivations and cultural fit.

ATX Model at Work

Unveil the collaborative effort between ATS and ATX, ensuring a holistic candidate assessment.

V24's Innovation

Experience the power of V24's ATX model, blending technology and human intuition for optimal recruitment.

ATX: Shaping the Future

Witness a human-centric future in recruitment, where ATX brings balance, efficiency, and empathy.


Streamlined Recruitment

Efficient Process.

Experience streamlined excellence. Our dedicated team and cutting-edge technology ensure an efficient and effective recruitment process, delivering tangible results for your organization.


Skilled Talent Access

Unlock Skilled Candidates

Access a diverse pool of skilled candidates. Our transparent and clear terms make talent acquisition seamless, offering services tailored to your budget requirements.


Organizational Empowerment

Empower Your Growth

Let V24 empower your organization's growth. From skilled candidates to transparent terms, we prioritize your success, ensuring a partnership that fuels your journey to excellence.


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